Friday, February 27, 2009

Handmade in PA Proud!`

I am an artisan based in the Exeter area. I moved to PA when I was 6 years old and have lived in the state ever since. I have enjoyed living here,especially where I live today. I have also met some fabulous artists along the way of selling and networking. This weekend I will be having Free Shipping on any purchase in my Etsy shop! Other members of the group, Handmade in PA Etsy team will also have special deals going on for the weekend. I will also honor the Free Shipping deal if you order a custom item during this time! So, check out the other members blogs and Etsy shops for some deals!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New to the Blog World

This is all new to me! I am trying to give my business a better online presence,so here is my attempt. Blog what? Ok. I am the first to admit that I don't know what the heck I should be writing about. What mundane details will someone else find interesting? What happens if I get sidetracked? What do other people have to say? I would not say I am a good writer-I like to stick to the facts only, like a newspaper article. With that said, I am willing to stretch myself and write about my latest jewelry creation,post a lot of pictures and describe my newest vintage button stash!